CMC is a South African Company and has been active in the South African Mining and Metallurgical Industry for many years.  The Company•s early activities were as a Vendor of mining and associated equipment under license to major overseas companies.


CMC is basically a Materials Handling Specialist Company and was established in 1980.


The Company•s offices are presently in Boksburg, Gauteng.


The Board of Directors is also the Company•s only shareholders.


Although CMC is relatively of young age the Directors boast over 35 years of experience in the Materials Handling Industry.


As the Company continued to grow, it was natural that modern efficient methods of design would be required, this was achieved via:


The installation of computerised designs, estimating procedures, cost control and project management.


CMC have developed an •in-house• computer system whereby the design of belt conveyors is done on a highly scientific basis.  The design of the system is followed on the computer producing final cost estimate using the design program result.


Computerised PERT and Critical Path Analysis ensures that all target and completion dates are at all times monitored and met.


Strict quality control methods are employed to ensure that a high standard of quality on all CMC equipment and plant is produced.


CMC offer complete turnkey plant from in-house source in all major disciplines namely Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Civil and Instrumentation.

CMC can therefore offer complete service in form of:

- Design  

- Manufacture

- Detailing  

- Delivery

- Supply - Erection
- Final site planning  

- Training






CMC have successfully completed various projects in the Sugar Industry, Chrome Mining, Coal Mining, Platinum Refining, Glass Industry, Lime Stone Mining, Cement Industry, Bottle Handling Plants, Export of Belt Conveyors and Coal Bagging Plants.




CMC have jointed forces with various Fabricators and Suppliers and can offer a workshop capacity of 250 tons or 4000 man hours per month and also fabricate in accordance with Q.A as laid down with the ISO 9000 code of practice.




CMC is able to provide a range of services encompassing laboratory test work, conceptual engineering, feasibility studies, detailed engineering, management procurement, construction, commissioning and after sales services of plants.


CMC Materials Handling is so structured as to be able to compete on both small and very large projects, using the centralized group engineering resources.




As a Design and Project Management Company, CMC are associated with varies Sub-Contractors and suppliers.


Our mission is to support black empowerment companies where possible.